Monday, 27 October 2014

Destined by HweeYen Ong


Spain Camino series. A bold expressionist piece echoing the artist's emotions on arrival at the famous Santiago de Compostela Cathedral - the penultimate destination of the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) pilgrim route. 2011.

It has been a year long art journey painting the Spain Camino de Santiago, re-living my Way of St James pilgrim hike as I go along, so it was with trepidation and exhilaration that I approached the painting of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral - the penultimate destination of the 1000-year-old pilgrimage and holding the sacred shrine of Saint James.
Arrival at the city itself initially wasn't quite the emancipating experience I expected, not with the terrifying hordes of pilgrims, tourists, and just so many people that it was disorientating. But making the way through the clutter for the first sight of the Cathedral dispelled everything. The feeling was indescribable, akin to when I first saw Angkor Wat.. It was medieval architecture at its utmost glory and no photograph could quite capture its grandeur. And so instead of snapping blindly, I chose to feel the place.. and to capture those feelings on canvas one year on..

The original work is currently for sale. At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original by clicking on the picture links below.

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