Monday, 27 October 2014

Corner Building by HweeYen Ong

Corner Building

The last of my 3 Cordoba paintings, this one is a contemplative piece of a corner building that spoke to me amidst a mysterious bustling of festive activity one day in the southern spanish city..

It was a balmy evening and bevies and bevies of lovely Spanish ladies kept appearing, in vintage cars, horse carriages or by foot, all decked to the hilt. Are they going to a huge fancy dress party in some grand palace? We wondered. So we followed. In merriment and excitement, infected by the joyous air even though we don't speak the language.

From the buildings to the streets, from the streets to the bridge, from the bridge to a long party crowd train, and finally to a large clearing.. It turned out to be a weeklong festival and public holiday at that, and there's a carnival going on :) That's all.

Yet isn't this what life is about? A celebration. In this age of endless global economic woes and frequent natural calamities, may we learn from the Spaniards. Treasure the moments with friends and families, treasure the caveats of peace. Carpe diem, come what may :)

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